Arctic Blaster Steam Thawing Device

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The Arctic Blaster is the perfect machine for thawing sewer or plumbing lines, septic tanks, engine blocks, culverts, stock tank valves and many more. For above or below ground pipes. Can be used on plastic, copper, ABC, PVC or steel. Can even be used for removing decals and adhesives. No electricity is required. 
Produces a dry steam that quickly and efficiently thaws frozen lines. Tank holds 2 gallons of water which is heated by your LP torch (torches are available but are not included). Portable and easily moved as needed. 50' x 1/4" hose for water lines and 50' x 3/8" hose for sewer lines are included. Develops up to 230° F output temperature. 2 Gallon water tank will produce about 15 minutes of operation which will thaw most frozen lines up to 100 feet or more. 

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ABSTD-5014-5038 75.0 lbs 1,199.99

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a drain line from a restaurant that keeps getting plugged with grease. What can I use to alleviate this problem?

Using either a pressure drain cleaner or a Rodder/Cable machine to initially clean out the drain will effectively remove most of the grease build up and get the sewer line flowing again. 

After an initial sewer pipe cleaning, you can begin metering a biological product such as Bio-Jet 7 into the sewer line behind the grease trap. (You still want the grease trap to remove as much grease as possible). The Bio-Jet 7 will proactively metabolize the small amounts of grease that get past the grease trap and will prevent grease from building up on the pipe walls.

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